Monday, December 29, 2008

Thing 13: Twitter time

Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, what can I say about Twitter.....

From a professional standpoint, I can see where Twitter could be very useful in promoting library events and activities. I looked at a couple of library's feeds and it is nice to have this event coming up on this day and a link to their website with more information. For my immediate professional use, its impact would be very little because we don't have a website or the budget/staffing for a lot of activities and events to publicize.

I searched for Hastings Memorial Library and found nothing. I searched for Grant, Nebraska and found one item concerning a murder we had here this fall. I finally ended up searching for St. Joseph, Missouri, the community I lived in before moving to Grant, and found a few items including Joe Biden's campaign visit there earlier this year.

Personally, I don't think I will use Twitter much either. After doing some friend searches, very few of my friends and acquaintances use Twitter, so I would pretty much just be tweeting into the greater realm of cyberspace. Also, Facebook has a similar application where you can do status updates saying what you are doing, seeing, thinking, etc... I think microblogging is kind of like text messaging. I love texting on my phone because sometimes I want to tell someone something, but it is not worth an actual phone call. Viola! -- text message. Let's say I want to express my distaste for having to wait in the drive-thru for 15 minutes before getting my food. Do I necessarily want to compose an entire blog about this? No. However, a small twitter relaying this message? Excellent.

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