Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thing 9: The Flickr journey continues....

I looked a few of the apps and I have to say I am not totally sure what I would use a lot of this stuff for (related to the library ) at this point in time.

Now having said that... I searched for "Harry Potter" in Montagr and formed a picture montage in the shape of Robert Pattinson's face (Cedric in HP and Edward in Twilight for those of you who don't have really contact with YA girls. :) ). I think my YA girls might be impressed with that.

I could see where Spell with Flickr could be interesting for creating headlines for webpages or flyers. It was kind of fun as well.

It is fascinating to see all of the manipulations that can be done from one little program. That is about as much as I am getting out of this exercise at this point in time. :)

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