Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thing 8: Flickr pics

Flickr is one of those things that I have been aware of for quite awhile, but have never used. The signing up was very straightforward as I used my pre-existing Yahoo account. I didn't explore how easy/hard it would be without one. Do you have to get a Yahoo account in order to use it? I should find these things out. :)

I have quite a bit of experience uploading pictures to the internet using Facebook, MySpace, and Snapfish, so that part wasn't too difficult either. I think I like the community feel of Flickr, and plan to explore this further and also plan to look up friends I know are already using Flickr.
The picture above is of our reading garden. A long project planned and implemented by our Friends group, the garden was completed late this summer and is beautiful in full bloom. It is winterized now, but the bench, statue, and landscaping combine to make it attractive even without plants! I think you'll agree it is much better than the slab of concrete that was out there before. :)

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