Monday, January 5, 2009

Thing 14: I heart Delicious

Can I just begin by saying that I am so glad I am participating in NE Learns because it is forcing me to explore applications and webpages that I probably would never have looked at on my own. Some of them, like Delicious, I have heard of but still never explored.

As I watched the "tutorial" and explored the site, I kept thinking how great this would have been for me to have at my previous job. I was back and forth between 2 or 3 computers every day and it never failed that when I needed something I had bookmarked, it was on the other computer. I have that issue to a point here, but usually I am the only one working, so I just switch computers. :)

While exploring Delicious, I clicked on several library related tags and found a lot of new stuff that I am excited about. I found a couple of librarian blogs that are informative and entertaining (, some professional articles, and just plain fun library stuff. I have not yet set up a Delicious account, but I am going to! Personally it is going to be a god-send for my genealogical research. (Come to think of it, I could probably use it for that in the library as well.....). Once we get our library website up and running, I think Delicious will be perfect for reference and research links. As for updating broken or outdated links, it seems like changing the links in Delicious would be a lot easier than having to go in and update code.

Thumbs up for Delicious.

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