Monday, January 12, 2009

Things 17 & 18: Wiki's!

So Wiki's are fun. I had to make myself stop exploring some of the links I found on the Wiki's: weeding information I had long forgotten, storytime ideas and activities.... I have used wiki's before, but these exercises really did help me to feel more comfortable with them. When I was at my previous employer, St. Joseph Public Library in St. Joseph, MO, I handled Interlibrary Loans and was part of an ILL list-serv that was very popular. A few people from the list created ShareILL, a wiki with information on everything from copyright to suppliers.
As a small, rural librarian, I don't have much use for internal wiki use, but I see the value that wiki's can have as far a resource and idea sharing.

I enjoyed getting on the NE Learns wiki and posting and learning things about my fellow participants. I think it would be cool to have a Nebraska Librarians wiki where we could get on and post/read about what other libraries are doing for things like policy, story times, book clubs, and promotions.

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books4york said...

Favorite Post From Nebraska Learns 2.0 may be a partial answer to the idea in your last paragraph.
Regards, Stan Schulz