Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thing 20 or thing 2.0....

So going through this list made me feel a little bit better about my techno-savvy. It also helped that I attended a session at conference about 2.0 apps. Looking through the list, there were quite a few I was already acquainted with: Craig's List, Facebook, Career Builder, Monster, Myxer..... One of my artist friends sells a lot of her paintings, homemade cards and other crafty stuff on Etsy.

As a purely non-professional genealogist, I explored My Heritage and had mixed feelings. When I typed in different surnames I research, I found no information on my family whatsoever. This, however, is not shocking, because I seem to be the only one researching my family. :) It was all just a little cumbersome for me, and I frequent a lot of genealogy sites. The one good thing it does is bring up matches and links to other genealogy websites which is great for people who don't already know about them.

This is another one of the things where I think a lot of this stuff is more pertinant for my personal use rather than library stuff.


Allana said...

Congratulations on getting caught up! Looking at your list of 2.0 apps you were defiantly familiar with a number of them. Hopefully you can fly right through the last 3 Things!

JUDYG said...

I am so tickled to see one of "my" Basic Skills beginners flying through this program. I am just glad to be finished a little ahead of the deadline a be able to remember something!